Boston Red Sox vs Los Angeles Dodgers Highlights || World Series Game 4 || October 27, 2018


— Boston Red Sox vs Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Game 4 Highlights from October 27, 2018 —

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  2. When Moreland hit that bomb I went crazy. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, running throughout my house with my RedSox flag. One of my favorite moments in the series

  3. Say what you want about the Red Sox and Astros cheating but the Dodgers beat themselves. They had their chances but they blew it just like this game. To this day I still didn't understand why Roberts took out Hill that early.

  4. I am a Dodger fan who thought we would either get swept or lose 4-1 – after the 19-inning win and then being up 4-0 in late innings here I thought maybe we might make a series out of this after all. I'd almost rather have lost the 19-inning game and gotten swept than had to deal with the giant tease that this game was.

  5. Took the dodgers to win this series
    8:19 this was the point I felt ball game 2-2 series. Then probably 3-2 with Kershaw in game 5


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