Burger cơm kẹp thịt bò sốt BBQ Hàn Quốc



■ Ingredients
Rice Buns
· Rice … 300g
· Chicken stock … 1/2tbsp
· BBQ beef … 1 tbsp
· Potato starch powder … 1 tbsp

· Salad oil … 1 tsp
· Beef … 120g
· Onions … 1/4 pieces (small dust)
· Kochujang … 1 tsp
· Korean style BBQ Sauce … 2 tbsp
· Green leaf … 2 sheets

■ Steps
1. Mix all material for rice buns in a bowl
2. Place the rice on top of plastic wrap, stretch the plastic wrap with hands, and make 4 rounds shapes with a cup. Put in a refrigerator for 10 minutes.
3. Put the oil in a frying pan and stir fry with beef, onion, cookie and Korean style BBQ sauce.
4. Pan fry No.2.
5. Place an appropriate amount of green leaf, grilled meat on top of rice, and be completed with rice again ♪

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