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Check out my Grim Dawn store, your purchase directly supports me: Just a few pointers to find the right class combination / build for your character. I hope you enjoy it, give a thumbs up if you do!
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Grim Dawn Hardcore Class Selection New Character Help
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  1. Had a really tough time trying to understand you, especially at 2:45–2:46, "Would you like to do ??? damage? Occulist is like the only choice you have."

  2. I’ve noticed that nightblade seems to be the rouge class on steroids with also a few elements from warfare, i’m of course talking about titan quest, anyway I’m loving the night blade class.

  3. Soooo… you are telling me the way to choose the right class is to see what the classes do and then look how this alighns with my playstyle ? So if I want to play say a summoner I would look for summoning abilities ? I would never have guessed that! …
    So pretty much you wasted 9 minutes talking for something that is said in 7 seconds tops…
    Good video enjoyed the hot air.

  4. Learned lots from this – thanks
    Is there a way to know in-game what a monster's stats and damage type and resistances are?

  5. This game is so great in so many aspects. I remember to start playing among the best ARPGs ever made: Diablo 2, Dungeon Siege, Sacred and Titan Quest, only Titan Quest has survived today in this game, the other 3 great sagas destroyed to fit the casual market…

  6. I just found this game through steam sale really thinking about getting it. Your video was very helpful friend :). Thank you so much.

  7. hello, friend is wanting to me to get grim dawn to play it with them and I most likely will, was with diablo since it first released with the very first diablo so grim dawn looks intriguing but not exactly sure what I wanted to play as but as soon as I saw ur video I def know I want to be caster cuz ive always enjoyed caster and saw the last part of ur vid based on pure caster which looks neat and wouldn't mind giving it  a try. not sure if it would be possible to give me some more insight on that build via personal msg or what not but would def like to try it, not really sure how the game works  or don't know much about it tbh so would be a good starting point for me if I wanted  a caster, thxs ^.^

  8. I put 150 hours into this game. About the 100 hour mark I figured out that the "all damage" gear I was seeking out and equipping wasn't working at all with my retribution build because, well, it didn't improve "all damage" as stated. Also, I found out that armor ONLY mitigated physical damage. I still hadn't wrapped my head around the whole "Acid/poison" mechanic either. Found out that "internal trauma" was physical damage's "DOT" and armor rating, while mitigating physical damage didn't mitigate "internal trauma" for that you'd need "physical damage resistance" (Which is what I thought Armor was for?!?). So ok, I need physical damage resistance. Now in real life you put acid on something, you recieve damage over time. I thought Acid was a DOT. Nope, Poison is ACID's DOT. Pierce causes bleeding right? NOPE. Bleeding is its own thang. You'll need a resist for that too. Then there's Atherial damage, and Chaos damage? I mean HOW MANY FUCKING DAMAGE TYPES ARE YOU GOING TO PUT IN A GAME? Anyways, I guess what I'm saying is this games damage types are ridiculous. "Internal trauma damage" I mean come on. Like 10 or more damage types and almost as many "sub" damage types? Did the 9 developers have a brainstorming session and decide to work in everyone's crazy idea so as to not to hurt anyone's feelings? Complexity is welcome in game, but a game should also be intuitive. This game it just seems to be complicated for the sake of being complicated. And on a final note the boss fights SUCKED. Within seconds I'd figure out I was going to win the fight, but it would just take a ridiculoous amount of time to wittle down the bosses health pool. And to anyone who says I should have referenced the internet to learn about the game before investing that much time… I didn't have to for Titan Quest (and enjoyed that game very much). And while path of exile demands at some point you research the internet to grasp some concepts, you're not left scratchign your head like this game left me.

  9. Outlander from torchlight 2 type class = Demolitionist + Occulist and only thing you will take in occulist is summon famillar tree of skills. Your famillar is the tank while you either dual wield pistol or rifle or crossbow


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