Drunken To Love You MV – Accidentally in Love


It has been a long time since my last vid. But I was very busy and not very inspired with my new projects.
But last week I discovered by chance a current TW-drama and I fell in love with this story : it’s very refreshing despite a classic plot (fake marriage contract).
The actors, Rainie Yang (she has made so much progress in acting!!!) and Joseph Chang (I didn’t know him before but he’s really good) have great chemistry. Their characters are funny, endearing and have reliable reactions. It’s great that the heroin isn’t too naive and fragile and the male lead, not a self-absorbed “bad guy” blind to the lies and manipulation of his first love. It’s good change for once !!!
So I finally succeeded to make a new mvid in 2 days with a song I always loved but never used since now. I think it fits really well with the situation and the feelings of the couple.
Hope you like it, comments very appreciated

Song : Accidentally In Love
Artist : The Counting Crows

Nguồn: https://soctrang-online.net

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  1. It took me a while to to get into this drama because the first two episodes were so over the top but then it got really sweet as the characters developed and it grew on me. Its become a favorite.

  2. great job…the song really fit for the vid…can i suggest pls …can you pls make them again for another mv…I think it could fit also the song "how did I fall in love with you" by backstreetboys… pls!!!!..thank you so much!!!…

  3. I am watching this show right now and I love it so much! This is a really cute video for them…and one of the only ones I can find!!!

  4. @PBoumova i'm also into k-dramas much more but this drama is truly worth watching.. its nice , i mean the story,the actors, everything :)..just try watching it

  5. OMG, this video is really good! GREAT JOB!! I loved the drama. I agreed with u on the description box there. 😀

  6. good vid, rainie is so good at over the top situational comedy, i don't really like too many taiwanese dramas but any show she does is worth watching, too bad the producers of the show didn't pick this song for the theme cause it really does match it perfectly


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