Game Boy Color: It Just Sorta Happened – Scott The Woz


Scott’s confused in color.


Music Used:
“Cerulean City” from Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu & Eevee!
“World Map (Day)” from Wario Land 3
“Overworld” from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Seasons
“Training (Match)” from Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)
“Jungle Hijinxs” from Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color)
“A-Type” from Tetris DX
“A-Type” from Tetris (Game Boy)
“BGM 1” from Mario Paint
“Mabe Village” from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
“Bonus Room Blitz” from Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color)
“You Vs. Boo (Menu)” from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
“Main Menu” from Mario Golf (Game Boy Color)
“Color Dungeon” from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
“Title Screen” from Pokemon Gold & Silver
“Burning Town” from Shantae
“Face Shrine” from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
“Breakout” from 3D Dot Game Heroes


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  1. That happened to me. I got the Oracle games and Super Mario Deluxe
    for christmas and had to wait 3 months to buy a GBC

  2. ok, just bought Wario Land 2 (Japanese on accident) and it doesn't want to play on my Gameboy, but on my Gameboy color it does. If I pop it in my Gameboy it shows a Japanese error message that I cant read so, ok.

  3. 15:42
    Fun fact about the Hamtaro games, they were produced by Miyamoto himself, and the later ones were developed by AlphaDream (RIP)
    Also, Pax Softnica, the devs of the first 2 (They also made a 3rd one that was pet sim in Japan) also worked closely with Nintendo at the time, helping develop Mother 1 and 2, Wrecking Crew '98, and Pokemon Snap.
    So, Nintendo publishing them makes a bit more sense there. I think Nintendo itself owned the video game rights to the series at the time, but I'm not sure. They published them all except the final game and the American PC game.

  4. Gameboy color was a pokemon machine for me until gba where i finally tried something nes with legacy of goku. Oh the memories!

  5. he mentioned the IR blaster as something youd transfer high scores with? Really?! Not trading pokemon or anything lol

  6. 4:08 I actually own Foto Showdown and it’s a really cool concept being able to take picture and that determines what monster you get

  7. Ok OK I want a yogurt but there are no clean spoons do I put in the effort and wash one or deal with no yogurt

  8. An excuse for me to waste 17 minutes, lol and I watched to the end. I made cookies, so I get a cookie for watching, haha. Anyways, I was born in 89, I did play on the OG Gameboy and my first hand held console was the Gameboy Pocket. I think it was 2000/2001 I got a Gameboy Color(late in the life cycle I guess) I didn’t know the advance was around the corner and my mom was buying on a budget. I do recall some of my games were black in 99, but I didn’t know why. So thanks for that. It was really easy to identify what was GBC exclusive games because of the bulge to the cartridge, everything else I knew could play on Gameboy. But I bet looking back now it could be confusing like why did Nintendo do it like that. 2009 I did pick up a Gameboy Micro and it was by far my favorite Nintendo handheld. Anyways, I’ll wrap this up, really been enjoying your videos, cheers.

  9. Well. I just admit the Game Boy color was a good upgrade to the classic GB… but I all honesty the True successor to the game boy was the GBA SP. No, not the GBA classic, the SP. why? BECAUSE IT FINALLY HAD A SCREEN THAT LIT UP AND DIDN’T NEED A MOD TO DO IT. Plus the SP was the first to have a BackLit Screen. I know some people find the SP cramped, but personally I think it’s the true successor since the GB classic was built upon being a true portable way of gaming. The SP is compact, has a great screen, and it looks pretty dang cool. I think it fills the role of the true Game Boy successor quite well. (I own both a GBA SP and a GBC, and I can say that my options are based of my experiences as well as a other info.)
    The GB Color is a really good console though. Literally the only gripe I have is the lack of a backlight, everything else with it is just fine. (I even have the same Berry colored model. :3)

  10. "it looks like a toy" well its targetted to children its not supposed to look like something you would see at the lab

  11. YOU JUST SOLVED A LIFE LONG MYSTERY OF MINE I had a favorite toy as a child of a hamster in a portable house. I've never heard of hamtaro…. But that's what it was

  12. We had a game gear and gameboy advance but they’d spent that much time in the attick we had to get rid of them wouldn’t even turn on

  13. I was watching a mother's basement playlist when this vid came out of nowhere. This is a ton of info I didn't know I needed to hear until I accidentally stumbled on this I'd by accident.

  14. I grew up with a Gameboy Color as a kid. My parents surprised my with it as my birthday present. (I turned 7 I believe) It was a Lime Green one which used to be my favorite color as a kid. I was given Donkey Kong Land and Tony Hawk's pro skater. I remember having so much fun!
    15:43 – "Little Mermaid: Pinball frenzy." * Screaming in agony * LMAO!

  15. There definitely was some confusion Woz!!! I got duped out of my money twice as a kid because the confusion with the labeling on the box.

  16. Me (colour blind): mom this is an original game boy I already have one
    Mom: no- yeesssss its another gameboy (OH GOD HES COLOUR BLiND)

  17. 10:25 Scott: I will scream if they ever decide to publish a game called Little Mermaid 2 Pinball Frenzy.
    15:44 Scott: Little Mermaid 2 Pinball Frenzy (screams)

  18. my first real handheld i can remember was a gameboy color. then advance. then advance sp. then nothing till the switch.. btw i loved my gameboy camera

  19. That purple gbc was my first gameboy. I was begging for a gameboy since 89. The Switch basically makes playing older handhelds impossible for me. It just looks soo much better.

  20. Excuse me Nintendo? I just found out some of those games could run on the game boy. I've been lied to all these years.


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