How to get Double Healing from Energy Drinks in PUBG Mobile!


Pros can get over twice as much healing from energy drinks as a noob. This video explains how boost items like energy drinks, pain killers, and the adrenaline syringe work and explains everything about the boost meter. And then it goes into detail on how to leverage this information to your benefit. This applies to update 0.13.5 in PUBG Mobile.

Shout out to the Research Team. They are what makes this channel great. (They are a group of gamers that do tons of research for you guys so you can get the best information.

I get almost all my music from Two Steps from Hell. They are my favorite group of musicians and one of my favorite Youtube channels. Please check them out. You will love their music:
The main song everyone wants to know is Victory

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  1. Unfortunately, since I am so new to PUBG, Youtube will not promote this video very much. If you found this information helpful, please consider sharing it with your PUBG communities to get the word out about how the boost system is different in PUBG Mobile.

    The Bigger Video will be released this Friday. Thank you guys for your awesome support.

  2. Congratulations and thank you very much for this video. I was wondering about how much time or what was the rate of depletion of the energy bar, now you came and answered that question in much more detail than I hoped. Thanks again for that


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