Let's Play Tree Of Life! – 3D Stardew Valley/Minecraft! (Farming/Crafting/Exploration/Sandbox game)


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🌱Begin a journey in the beautiful world of Tree Of Life! Build your own town anywhere and explore the mysterious lands anytime. Nothing is impossible in the open world: Be a legendary warrior and 5-star chef at the same time!
Build, Craft, Farm, Fish, Raise Animals, Fight, Explore. This game as it all! Enjoy this MMORPG sandbox game solo or with friends.

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  1. If you like the looks of this game and would like to see me play more, let me know in the comments! Enjoy and have a great day <3

  2. Thsiw as the first video I've watched of yours but, I'm suprised that you don't have more subscribers. Amazing commentary and interesting gameplay. You deserve way more than you have!!!

  3. Try doing some homework on the game before recommending it. Yes the game in general is ok, there's a lot of grinding involved and I mean a lot. The problem is that 99% of people that play it are toxic assholes. Be prepared to spend weeks building a base only to have it torn down over night by one person hacking.

  4. Oh wow, this game looks awesome!
    Because I'm quite the MMO-fan already, I will probably purchase this game.
    Thank You for showing it off! 🙂 <3

  5. looked intersting so decided to read some of the reviews , and people are not reccomending it, they get bullied and every base they build got destroyed and all their ressources stolen, even small bases with hardly anything in it get taken out like this. But wont mind see more about you playing the game, always enjoy your videos.


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