Warframe – Eidolon Lens


Obtainable ONLY from konzu bountys this lens boasts 2.25% of excess Affinity into Focus points, 80% more than a regular Focus lens and ~29% more than a Greater Focus Lens.

Eidolon Lens Conversions are used to convert eidolon lens into the type of lens the blueprint prescribes. These can be acquired from Incursions, which are missions that randomly appear on the plains so never seen one yet.

Are they worth it? well if your a focus farmer, ofcorse they are as these gain way more than any other lens avalable, if you can get enough of them that is.

My glyph is now universal and the code “ORIGINALWICKEDFUN” claimable at warframe.com/promocode will now work on pc, xbox and ps4.
Can easily claim it by going to the following URL:

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  1. What the-… Did I just see that right? Do you have all of those points invested in Zenurik and NO ENERGIZING DASH!?

  2. Dude thanks so much dude Im FIRED UP I'm gonna farm until I get the Eidolon lens Because I'm a madurai I want to 1 shot the Eidolons

  3. Thinking about adding this to my Ash Prime, however when i reset my ash, will this go away since it's a lvl 30 requirement?

  4. It should've been a ability, focus is garbage now and enemies are stronger

  5. That lens is great if y only you can adapt it into lens already in a weapon. otherwise is just a waste of formas making a greater and then replace it on the weapon of my choice/ rip off.

  6. So I got 1 to drop for me, I havent started farming any school yet.
    What is the most effienct way to farm? I see naroman gives extra affinity, should I go for that? Or is there something else I am missing?

  7. Ok wait the only thing that baffles me is the pool increase and the unbinding can someone explain those 2 for me 😊

  8. You need to press the button when it's locked to know of you can unlock it, I think you just need 2 points for that

  9. Look at those boost on the top right. Is showing pretty much 50 days plus boost for affinity, resources. Damn man it s just unfair.

  10. I hate that they took away the original focus skill shadow step energy pulse ect, slep in the fucking face really, id have farmed completly differently if i had known.

  11. I have been buying them on console for 30 plat each. and yes they are so valuable focus farming 100% worth the investment to max out a tree and replace the lens.

  12. That’s funny, Naramon was/is the first one I’m doing, I couldn’t stand my operator being so slow…..and I’m sure it’s just me lol but ya, love having a faster operator. It’s fun. Needa unbound “Mind Step” and move onto next tree


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